getting in shape. 

I love my curves, and I hope no one misinterprets this as body negativity. Because it’s not. You can be body and fat positive while wanting to make a change, right? o.O

I want to start working out again and eating healthier, because to be honest I like the way I feel when I exercise, and I feel better when I don’t eat a lot of greasy food or soda, it’s never really agreed with me. I can eat hamburger helper or something, but if I eat it more than once or twice a week I get nauseous. I’m not dieting because I’ve never really eaten much, I have a low appetite, but I am going to be eating better quality food. 

I wanted to post these because I’d like to have an official start point and support, and why not put it on tumblr. :3 

Also, this bra from lane bryant, I cannot stress enough how great it is! Everyone should go get one nao :3

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  3. stylistmommy said: I love you sweetie I’ll always be a support person for you if you need me. <3 You’re beautiful no matter how you look!